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English: Welcome

Konnichiwa  !


At Awa Centre, we care about your learning progress. That's why the number of student is very limited to make sure we can provide you:

  • Individual attention: The teacher knows your name, your learning style and objectives; takes care of  your performance... You participate in every class activities, have your questions answered instantly, spend more time practising the language with your teacher and classmates.

  • Tailor-made courses: At the beginning of class, the teacher asks your objectives and goals of learning and help you achieve them: to travel, to live and work in Japan, to read a book, to understand anime without subtitles, have conversations with local people or pass a proficiency exam.

  • Modern and innovative methods: Japanese may be a difficult language but it's fun to learn. We use Youtube videos, anime clips, manga extracts, easy reads,  flashcards and games... to make your learning experience more fun.

  • After class support: Learning isn't done only in class. Students are free to ask anyquestions related to the lessons, homework or Japanese language any time via email.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed: we are rated 5 star on Superprof and Apprentus. Watch our  testimonial videos below to see what our students talk about our courses.

English: Upcoming Events

 COVID-19 security measures at the Awa Center

  1. Please wash your hand with hydroalcoholic gel before entering the class

  2. Students are required to wear masks during class

  3. Stay at your own table, which is placed 1.5 metres separate from others

  4. Students can go outside for fresh air during breaks, make sure you wear your mask when you leave and wash your hands again with gel when you come back.

  5. It is possible to use toilet in the centre, please use disinfect the toilet after your usage

  6. When you sneeze or cough, please do so on your elbow or a piece of tissue.

  7. If you are sick, please do not come to class. Teacher will send you lesson notes and exercises via email or provide a private lesson online or on another day in class (extra fees).


 What our students say

Contact us

Would you like more information?

Contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

(+32) 472 666 591 (SMS please, I'm usually in class)

Avenue Georges Henri 392

Woluwe-Saint-Lambert 1200

Brussels, Belgium

VAT number: BE 0708.923.510

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How to reach us

The Awa Center is located in the lively, pleasant and easily accessible Georges Henri district, regardless of the means of transport you use:

By metro

If you take metro line 5, get off at Mérode. Awa Center is at 9 minutes' walk, otherwise buses 27 and 80 are waiting for you on the surface.

More conveniently, take metro line 1  to Montgomery, then transfer to bus 27 or 80; tram 7or 25. You can also walk 7 minutes to Georges Henri.

By bus

Buses 27, 80 and 28 stop at Georges Henri. Awa Center is a minute walk away.

The 22 and 61 go to Montgomery. From there, you can change to bus 27 and 80, tram 7 or 25 or walk 7 minutes  to Georges Henri.

By tram

Tram 7 and 25 take you to Georges Henri pré-metro station, a minute walk from Awa Center.
Tram 81, 39 and 44 go to Montgomery. From there, you can take tram 7 or 25, bus 27 and 80 or walk 7 minutes to Georges Henri.

By car

Awa Center is at 2 minutes ride from E40 highway. You can reach it via the Ring (R0), which makes it accessible by car from any part of Belgium without having to cross the center of Brussels.

Parking: avenue Georges-Henri and Place Degroff are in the red zone, while Boulevard Brand Whitlock is in the orange zone. Parking is chargeable until 6 pm, but you are entitled to 15 minutes free to drop off your kids. Choose the "15 minutes free" option on the parking meter.

The surrounding streets are in the blue zone: the parking disc gives you two hours of free parking.

The whole zone is totally free on Sunday.

More info on the website of Woluwé-St-Lambert:

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