Konnichiwa  !



At Awa Cetre, your learning progress is important to us. This is why the number of students is very limited so that we can guarantee you:

  • Individual Attention : The teacher gets to know you and your learning style, check your performance during class, instantly answer all your questions and help you overcome your problems.

  • Coherent participation: you participate in all class activities, share your ideas, you have more time to practice the language with your teacher and classmates.

  • Tailored course : The teacher helps you work on your learning objectives and goals, such as traveling, reading a book in Japanese, understanding Japanese pop culture, having conversations with locals, friends or relatives, or take a JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test).

  • Modern and innovative methods : Japanese can be a demanding language, yet fun to learn. Youtube videos, anime clips, manga tapes, J-pop songs, role play, easy reads ... are used to make your learning more interesting.

  • Outside Class Support : Teachers are also available after class to answer any class issues and correct your homework via email or video conference. Join our classes today and get real results in your Japanese learning!


What is happening at  Awa Centre

10/09/2022 - 16/12/2022

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     365€       245€

Our groups are very small, between 3 and 8 students
Our teachers speak English and French
Registration fees & photocopy fees included
If you’re not happy with your first class, we will refund the course fees.
Enrol to our courses online or by bank transfer:
 BE46 0689 3221 9436 (Awa Centre--Avenue Georges Henri 392, 1200 WSL Bruxelles)
For further questions and information (class programme, availabilities, level test, trial class, etc…) please contact us: awacentre@gmailcom


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