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Study in Japan


Now you can study Japanese at the Awa Center and then take a short course (1-3 months) or a long course (up to a year) at one of our partner schools in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Nagoya or Fukuoka. It is also possible to combine with a homestay program in Japan.

  • Money saving: You already know the basics of Japanese. You come to Japan to hone your communication skills and move to higher levels.

  • Smooth transition:we already know your level, we can recommend courses suited to your needs and provide letters of recommendation for the school you have chosen.

  • No "Lost in Translation": in our course, we don't just teach the language, we also teach you the culture. Be equipped with etiquette, do's and don'ts, and avoid taboos in Japan.

  • Other assistance: translation of documents, visa application, help with communication with your school and your host family, reservation of plane tickets and local transport, local advice for accommodation, restaurants, attractions... for a wonderful stay in Japan.

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